Doing life together

The vision of our life groups is a safe place for us to "do life together".


When we launched our life groups we allowed them to form somewhat organically.  Some are more geographic while others did form with profiles.

We have groups on all corners of our area.  Some are very diverse in age, marital status and passions.  While others have attracted young families with children.

The life groups selects the night they would like to meet and the content for their study.  There is typically a meal and it ends with a time to share prayer requests.

We have found while life groups never really "close", they become so familiar it feels that way to the new person entering.  For this reason, we launch new life groups often.

We recently add a new life group that is focusing on diversity.  This new group is located in the Hardin Valley Area.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

women discussion group


We also have more specific groups and "fresh expressions".  For example, we have a women's group that focuses on Service, Study, and Social opportunities.  We also offer Christian Yoga.

Faith Development Programs


Now that our world is beginning to reopen, we are launching our "Fresh Expressions".

Fresh Expressions are somewhat social in nature.  We are working hard to get our property on Hardin Valley road ready for adventures like a Family Movie Night, Fireside chats, Concerts, Youth Events, and many more.

Shoot Pastor John an email below to learn more about our Fresh Expression offerings.